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Things to know as Massachusetts braces for blizzard

(Undated)  —  Governor Baker is warning people that roads may not be passable on Tuesday and Wednesday. A major blizzard…

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Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found in Northampton

Hate crime charges are possible in the case of anti-semitic and racist graffiti found in Northampton.


Gun Homicide Holyoke

Police are investigating a gun homicide in Holyoke Sunday.

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Amherst College Rape-Diploma Case Settled

A lawsuit by a former student against Amherst College has been settled out of court.


Greenfield Mayor Mum on Pyers Resignation

Greenfield's beleaguered economic development director has resigned after being investigated.


Eho Home Hit By Invaders Twice

Easthampton police are investigating an armed home invasion on Summer Street.

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Hadley Has New Police Chief

Hadley has a new police chief. Thirty-six-year-old Michael Mason joined the force in 2000.

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Northampton Police to Train at Shooting Range

Northampton police will conduct a training at the shooting range in Florence on Sunday.


Northampton Office Manager Embezzled 1.6 Million

The former office manager of a medical practice in Northampton has pleaded guilty to embezzling 1.6 million over five years.


Former Food Co-op Manager Indicted

A former manager at the Franklin Community Co-op has been indicted on larceny charges.

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Murder of Boston Doctor Hits Home in Northampton

The shooting death of a Boston doctor hits very close to home for a Northampton woman who credits Dr. Michael Davidson with saving her life.

Umass falcon

UMass Peregrine Falcon Dies From Injuries

The falcon that nested atop the UMass campus library for 12 seasons has died after being injured.


Franklin County Food Co-op Embezzler n Court

A former General Manager of the Franklin County food co-op will be arraigned today on charges that he embezzled 60-thousand-dollars.

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Northampton Teens Charged With Anti-Semetic Graffiti

A pair of Northampton teens will be summoned to juvenile court on charges related to the spraying of anti-semitic graffiti in a city neighborhood.


Montague and Leverett Raise Tobacco Sales Age

The towns of Montague and Leverett are raising their minimum tobacco sales age to 21.

Ed Fleury

Ex Pelham Police Chief Faces Gun Charges

Pelham's former police chief pleads not guilty to numerous gun charges in connection with an incident last August.

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UMass: Fast Food $15 Wage No Problem

A new study out of UMass Amherst says the fast-food industry can easily afford to pay its workers 15-dollars-an-hour.


Southampton OK’s $30K For Septic Land

Southampton has approved spending 30-thousand to buy a half acre that would host a septic system for a future public safety complex.


Holyoke Treasurer’s Salary Remains Intact

Holyoke City Treasurer Jon Lumbra won't be seeing an immediate pay cut.

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Springfield Sues Over Homeless Influx

The city of Springfield has filed a lawsuit regarding two apartment buildings where an influx of homeless people have been relocated.

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