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merrian webster

Thursday, April 14, 201604/14/2016

Word Nerd: Nouns That Act Like Adjectives

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Emily Brewster, Resident Wordster, from Merriam-Webster on why the word “apartment” in “apartment building” is a tricky word to put…


Wednesday, April 13, 201604/13/2016

Where Statistics & Big Data & Your Brain Meet

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Robert Kass is the go to expert on these 3 seemingly disparate sciences.

super earth

Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

Mr. Universe: Super Earth!

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Yeah, well what’s so ‘super’ about it? I like our regular earth.

tea party

Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

Belmonte Family Hamiltoncation

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So we weren’t so brave to try and enter the lottery to see the Broadway show in New York (yet),…

dog with wine

Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

Heavy Petting: Doggy Belly Camera

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Have them swallow a camera and see what happens in your dog’s gut!


Friday, April 1, 201604/01/2016

April Fool’s Day Ads & Gibberish History Month Segments

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We hope you enjoyed our little 1st day of April fun. Listen to our April Fool’s Day ads and Gibberish…

flo community band 2

Friday, April 1, 201604/01/2016

Band Nerds: Florence Community Band Celebrates 15 Years

In Podcasts

Priscilla Ross, conductor and founder of the Florence Community Band, shares about 15 years of making music in Northampton’s other…


Friday, April 1, 201604/01/2016

Wine Snob: A Rosé’ By Any Other Name

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Now that’s it’s April, it’s time to drink pink.


Thursday, March 31, 201603/31/2016

Immigrant Voices at The Shea

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The Center for New Americans wants to showcase the talents that the newest members of our community are bringing to…


Wednesday, March 30, 201603/30/2016

Rep. Jim McGovern Talks with Homeschoolers In Leverett

In Podcasts

Full disclosure, Monte’s kids are some of the homeschoolers. Hear what McGovern says to inspire kids to get involved and…

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