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merrian webster

Wednesday, January 20, 201601/20/2016

Word Nerd: What Words Made The Latest “Unabridged” Cut?

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Emily Brewster, Resident Wordster, from Merriam Webster with more on what made the cut in 2016, ICYM it. ┬áThese pretzels…

advocate willie hill

Wednesday, January 20, 201601/20/2016

Fighting Racism at Halftime and The Most Buzzworthy Beer In The Valley Right Now

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Amanda Drane and Hunter Styles of The Valley Advocate on their stories in the paper this week.

dr steve

Tuesday, January 19, 201601/19/2016

Heavy Petting: LEECHES!!

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Not just a gross 19th Century cure all anymore. Dr. Steve from The Sunderland Animal Hospital weighs in.

atticus and enzo clark museum

Monday, January 18, 201601/18/2016

The Belmontes Explore The Museums of Western New England

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There are SO many great museums right in our backyard: including (but not limited to) The Montshire Museum, The Berkshire…


Friday, January 8, 201601/08/2016

Eat More Kale Wins The Ultimate Victory Over Chik-Fil-A

In Podcasts

And has given us all a firm understanding of what “ironic” means. Monte discusses with The Profesora during The Spanish…

mary poppins

Friday, January 8, 201601/08/2016

It’s A Jolly Holiday With Mary

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A preview of Amherst Leisure Service’s Mary Poppins


Friday, January 8, 201601/08/2016

Wine Snob: Post-Resolution Red

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Have you quit your New Year’s resolution diet yet? Good. Try these hearty reds.

white privilege event

Thursday, January 7, 201601/07/2016

Talking About White Privilege

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What does “white privilege”, how do we talk about it and what do we do about it? Gloria Matlock and…

merrian webster

Wednesday, January 6, 201601/06/2016

Word Nerd: New Words in Merriam-Webster 5.0

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Emily Brewster, Resident Wordster, from Merriam-Webster on what made the cut for the fifth edition of their unabridged dictionary.


Tuesday, January 5, 201601/05/2016

Heavy Petting: Music For Cats

In Podcasts

…and it’s not just the Broadway musical. Dr. Steve from Sunderland Animal Hospital lets us in on the latest research…

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