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fancy dogs

Tuesday, December 8, 201512/08/2015

Heavy Petting: Jerry’s Dogs

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Dr. Steve, from the Sunderland Animal Hospital, on how veterinary medicine could cure the disease Jerry Lewis has been fighting…

salman hameed

Tuesday, December 8, 201512/08/2015

Mr. Universe: Alien Fan Mail

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Hampshire College astronomer, Dr. Salman Hameed, is getting mail from people who have seen aliens…maybe.

Gala Wines

Friday, December 4, 201512/04/2015

Wine Snob: The Gala (Gayla?) Tasting

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merrian webster

Wednesday, December 2, 201512/02/2015

Word Nerd: Begs The Question

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Emily Brewster, Resident Wordster from Merriam-Webster, begs the question “Are we using ‘begs the question’ correctly?”.

dr steve

Tuesday, December 1, 201512/01/2015

Heavy Petting: A Vet In His Kitchen Makes 3D MAGIC!

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And Dr. Steve from Sunderland Animal Hospital tells us how you may be using his homemade magic someday too.


Tuesday, December 1, 201512/01/2015

Habitat For Gingerbreadmanity

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Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity has taken their do-good building to deliciously new and small proportions. You can build a…


Monday, November 30, 201511/30/2015

Mr. Universe: A Planet Eating Star?

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Hampshire College astronomer, Dr. Salman Hameed, on a potentially very hungry white dwarf star and what the future holds for…

thanksgiving reds

Friday, November 20, 201511/20/2015

Wine Snob: Thanksgiving Reds

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And what do they call those melted-plastic-in-metal suncatchers?

HEC's Mascot on Monte's Cart

Wednesday, November 18, 201511/18/2015

HEC Students’ Pirate Radio/Monte’s March Related Takeover!

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The tables turn on Monte and HE gets interview by students at the Hampshire Educational Collaborative.

abby getman

Wednesday, November 18, 201511/18/2015

Who Gets Hit Hardest By Hunger in Western Mass?

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The Food Bank’s number cruncher, Abby Getman, will tell us. And the news is not good.  

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