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gee's bend and tom

Friday, October 2, 201510/02/2015

The Quilting Women of Gee’s Bend

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Sometimes the purest art comes when you’re not trying. Listen to the amazing story of┬áStella Mae and Delia, sisters from…


Thursday, October 1, 201510/01/2015

Mr. Universe: There’s Water In Them Mars Hills!

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Hampshire College Astronomer, Dr. Salman Hameed, on NASA’s major(ish) revelation about Mars.

merrian webster

Wednesday, September 30, 201509/30/2015

Word Nerd: YOLO. YOYO. BFD

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and the kids

Tuesday, September 29, 201509/29/2015

Affordable Housing & And The Kids

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Joanne Campbell from the Valley CDC, having their Pedal Poker Run this weekend, works on affordable housing for the Valley…

Angry cat

Tuesday, September 29, 201509/29/2015

Heavy Petting: SDMA in SunDerland, MA

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New revelations on your cat’s kidneys.

black hole

Monday, September 28, 201509/28/2015

Mr. Universe: Two Black Holes Eating Each Other

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It might sound untoward, but it’s only PG-13

dad patriots

Monday, September 28, 201509/28/2015

Patriots Correspondent, Monte’s Dad, Week 3

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Too soon to call for an undefeated season and another ring?

shelter sunday

Monday, September 28, 201509/28/2015

Who’s That Knockin’ At My Door?

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If it’s this Sunday in Northampton, it could be someone canvassing for Shelter Sunday. Rick Hart from Friends of Hampshire…

wines of italy

Friday, September 25, 201509/25/2015

Wine Snob: Wines The Pope Might Buy

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The Wine Snobs try and quiz Monte on wines that might appeal to The Pope of The People.


Friday, September 25, 201509/25/2015

Catholic Affairs Correspondent, Monte’s Mom, On The Pope’s Message To Congress

And on the one thing Monte, Mom & (soon-to-be-former) Speaker Boehner have in common.

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