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merrian webster

Wednesday, May 28, 201405/28/2014

A Word Nerd Quiz!?!

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Word Nerd

angela diterlizzi

Wednesday, May 28, 201405/28/2014

Angela DiTerlizzi is Celebrating Asparagus and PBS

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Asparagus & Some Bugs

broadway kids

Wednesday, May 28, 201405/28/2014

Amherst LSSE Lets Kids Become Broadway Stars

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Revolting Children

linda post

Friday, May 23, 201405/23/2014

Paradise City Arts Festival

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Oh, won’t you please take me home?

chianti chelsea

Friday, May 23, 201405/23/2014

Wine Snob: Chianti Chelsea

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Bada Bing!

emily brewster 2

Wednesday, May 21, 201405/21/2014

Word Nerd: The New Words of 2014

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Muffin Top & Baby Bump


Wednesday, May 21, 201405/21/2014

Hartsbrook Seniors Fight GMOs

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Who’s Afraid of The Corn Worm?

steampunk dictionary

Tuesday, May 20, 201405/20/2014

Steampunk Gets Definition Vindication

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steam·punk noun \ˈstēm-ˌpəŋk\

wheel of fortune

Monday, May 19, 201405/19/2014

Adam Goodwin’s Game Show Dream Comes True

Wheel of Fortune Fantasy


Friday, May 16, 201405/16/2014

Wine Snob: Nebbiolo

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Piemonte.  It’s like regular Monte, with more pie.  And it’s most famous grape is Nebbiolo.

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