The Literal ‘Fugees

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars formed in a refugee camp outside of their homeland in Guinea. They’ve taken their music…

The Throwaways

Monte talks with the filmmakers behind this stark new first-person look at racism and classism in our country.  Ira McKinley and…

Bisko, His Mother & Ebola

Kabisco Kaba took his students in PVPA’s Wofa to his native Guinea in West Africa.  Little did he know it would…

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Jason Alexander re-records George Costanza’s classic ‘Seinfeld’ answering machine message


"2 Broke Girls" star Kat Dennings gets a custom voicemail message based on the infamous answering machine song.

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Warhol’s take on Bob Dylan, Lou Reed to be shown in Times Square


Andy Warhol's short films featuring the music legends will be screened on a big billboard in the Big Apple.

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Mumford & Sons: No cell phones allowed


The British folk band has banned phones from a concert on Monday amid fears fans will record and leak their new material.

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This week’s top alternative tracks


LISTEN: This week's top alternative songs, according to the weekly Billboard chart.

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WATCH: Police officers get down with dashcam duets


From "Fancy" to "Rude!" these cops know how to bust a move.